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An update on GRAFIX Training

Thanks for checking out the GRAFIX Training website!

If you’re looking for current content, please see Tech Comm Tools.

If you found me here, it’s likely that you are a previous client, or that you have a really old email from me hanging around, as I haven’t actively cultivated the GRAFIX identity since about 2008!

I’ll probably always keep that address, but I suggest you send me an email to get my more current info (I’ve not included either the new or old email to avoid the spam generally associated with posting email info on the web!)

GRAFIX was near and dear to me from 1998-2008, which is when I stopped running my own brick and mortar training company and took a job managing another company’s training facilities.

Well, that job was fun for a few years, but in early 2012 I saw how my mix of online to in-person training was increasing year over year. Net result: Another run as an independent contractor, with an eye toward establishing a small company, tentatively named Tech Comm Tools.

At this time I focus on training and development in three things:

  • technical communication
  • social media
  • eLearning

What I find most interesting is that these three things are increasingly related. All of them revolve around the ability to create and reuse content, deliver it effectively and efficiently, and make it easy for people to find it!

In 2013 my family had a somewhat unexpected opportunity to move south to San Juan Capistrano. That meant much of last year was about getting the family settled, and doing various home improvement projects. With that effort mostly completed, I am looking forward to focusing on my business in 2014. The new website, (or will be ready to go soon. For now I am teaching for a few training companies, updating my FrameMaker book for version 12, and working with a series of smaller clients (and larger clients with smaller jobs…).

If there’s anything I can do for you, please get in touch and let me know.

As always, my social id is mattrsullivan, and that will make it easy to find me on more than a dozen social media sites.


Checking Adobe Certification Status

Background (Whining)

Sometimes the easiest things can take a great deal of your day…

Recently I wanted to recertify for an Adobe ACE (and my Adobe Certified Instructor that goes with it) for Adobe Illustrator CS5.

To do that, I need to be certified in the previous version.

Here’s where the fun begins…I know there’s a link to publish credentials to a prospective client or employer, I just can’t remember how to find it.

Simple, right? Well, my initial phone call to the Adobe Certified Community went to voicemail, so I promptly emailed them and found that their email address has changed. It was and is now (To be fair, I’m sure I got an email notifying me of this!)

My question asking about publishing my ACE credentials got a response about applying to the program. No problem; I clarified via email with more detail. This time I got a response asking if I was looking for the partner finder.

Publishing Credentials

If you are currently an ACE or ACI, there is a community page at

Once you sign in (there’s a link in the upper right corner of the page) you should be presented with an Adobe Certified Expert Community link on the right side of the page. (you may need to reload the link above after logging in)

Click on Check your certification status on the left side, then find the Publish Credentials link on the left side of the resulting page.

To finish up, deselect any certifications you do not wish to send, fill in the email and a brief message to your recipient, and go grab your beverage of choice!


Thank you for visiting GRAFIX Training

If you’ve arrived here, you are likely either looking for me (Matt Sullivan), or have done Adobe training business with me or GRAFIX Training in the past. I’ve left the content for anyone who has linked to it in the past, but more current content can be found at the links below.

As of the date of this blog entry, here are some suggestions for getting in contact with me:


  • 714 960-6840


  • my primary e-mail is still my first name at this domain (I’ve not written it out to avoid email harvesting by spammers)

Social Media:

Training and Services

User Groups

  • Orange County Adobe Digital Publishing (pending)
    • Contact me for our online and live events
  • LAID-Los Angeles InDesign Users Group

Upcoming events:

Blogging using a weblog desktop client

As much as I enjoy posting on blogs and forums (I imagine that there is a plural form of forum, but I was never very good at Latin) I find that the editing process can be tedious!

For starters, the browser interface for WordPress-hosted blogs is slower than I’d like, and the HTML editor is quite buggy, especially when using iframes (something I do quite regularly for webinar and online registrations for clients)

I’ve tried Adobe Contribute (no surprise there, for anyone who knows my long history with Adobe) but I had trouble with getting the code just right and adding all the content I’d like. It too seemed a little on the slow side.

Enter Microsoft LiveWriter

I ran across it when searching for detail on posting to WordPress via email. After successfully setting up the email posting (not a particularly easy task…) I decided to google “weblog desktop client”. After reading 3 reviews where Microsoft LiveWriter was at or near the top of the list, I downloaded it. (Free is free, ya know?)

The interface was straightforward, and the only snag I hit actually explained the problem with my WordPress admin settings.

Bottom line: I managed to set up links to 3 different blogs, post 4 or 5 articles at will, and actually enjoy the process while keeping an eye on today’s NCAA Tournament game.

I can’t wait to use this product more!